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Car body parts

Mud flaps

Code: DS-Skoda-01-Pr

Mud flaps front set SKODA OCTAVIA

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Brand Model Year Specification
SKODA OCTAVIA 2004-2008 -
SKODA OCTAVIA 2009-2013 -

The mud flaps effectively protect the underbody and bumpers against excessive dirt. In addition, they also enormously reduce dangerous road chippings and water spray.
Color: matte black.
Installation is made on regular seats of the car.
The main purpose: to protect the lower part of the car body from chipping, scratching.
With such model mud flaps on your car, you will get rid of such problems as:
- dirt on the bottom of the car,
- intense pollution of the side of the car, starting from the front wings,
- reduction of accumulated dirt or snow on the vehicle’s rapids.

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