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Zobratu vinča

Hex winch
Designed for moving loads.
Has mounting holes for installation on car trailers designed for transportation of motor boats, hydrocycles and ATV.
Equipped with a steel forged hook with a lock and a steel cable 10 m length.
Delivered in individual cardboard box.
Max load (kg) 675
Ratio 4:1

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Zobratu vinča

Hex winch
Designed for moving loads.
Has mounting holes for installation on car trailers designed for transportation of motor boats, hydrocycles and ATV.
Equipped with a steel forged hook with a lock and a steel cable 10 m length.
Delivered in individual cardboard box.
Max load (kg) 1200
Ratio 4:1/8:1

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Superwinch TigerShark 9500 12V
The 'Entry Level' waters are dark, full of bottom feeders and are soon to be consumed by a winch series destined to raise the bar for the winch marketplace!
Superwinch is redefining the entry level winch market with the new Tiger Shark Series with 'Standard Issue' features and benefits designed for the enthusiast-level consumer. Created from everything Superwinch havve learned over the past 40+ years, the Tiger Shark brings unmatched functionality, quality and value.

Standard Features:
Line Capacity: 9,500lb (4,309kg)
Rope: 29m of 8.3mm Steel Cable with Clevis Hook
Motor: Reversible 5.2hp 12v Series Wound Motor - Powers In and Out
Gearbox: 218:1 with Freespooling Clutch - Allows cable to be unwound manually
Warranty: Limited 2 Year Warranty
Wired Hand Control: 3.6m Rubber Sealed Hand Control
Wireless Control: Available as an optional extra
Mounting Plate: Available as optional extra
Roller Fairlead: Heavy Duty 4-Way Roller Fairlead
Mounting Bolts: Included for Standard installations
Also Includes:
Battery Cables (May need extending dependant on application)
Hand Saver
Instruction Manual
Other Information:
Dimensions: 529mm L x 160mm D x 234.5mm H
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 254mm x 114.3mm
Approx. Shipping Weight: 42kg
Line Pull - No Load: 5.7 m/min (80 Amps)
Line Pull - Full Load: 1.2 m/min (340 Amps)

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Price: 555.00 €


Powerwinch PW6000E-SR is an excellent compromise of power and compact size.
New in a wide range of winches Powerwinch!
PW6000E-SR has a modification with a voltage of 12 V and can handle loads up to 2722 kg!
The kit includes:
- professional winch PW6000E-SR
- aluminum slide guide
- universal mounting plate
- cable remote control
- synthetic cable 6 mm, with hook and strap (handsaver)
- necessary cables
- mounting bolts
- manual
- written guarantee
nominal traction equipment 2722 kg
-motor 1.9 hp
Transmission 3 tbsp. planetary
- gear ratio 226: 1
- voltage 12V
-drum brake machine
- cable length 16 m
- roller guides
- dimensions 380 x 115 x 190 mm
- drum dimensions - 120 mm
- mounting dimensions 158 mm x 76 mm
- weight 11.5 kg
- the consumed current of 12 V 0 kg - 40 A, 2722 kg - 250 A
- winding speed 2722 kg - 1.2 m / min

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Price: 330.00 €


The Powerwinch PW4500SR is our most powerful ATV winch.
Providing effective traction power anytime, anywhere.
The PW4500SR is equipped with a highly efficient, permanent magnet, low current, permanent magnet motor. This, combined with a device solenoid that disconnects your winch’s electrical system from the battery when the vehicle is turned off, also ensures that users will always have all the power they need without sacrificing their ATV battery.
  The winch has a rather large drum and a lot of power!
Recommended use: ATVs, UTV.

With a winch you get:
- 6.5 mm synthetic cable with a hook and a length of 15 meters.
- a set of cables.
- wired remote control.
- wireless remote control.
- a set of fixing bolts.
- mounting plate.
- user's manual.
- 2 year warranty.

1 draft with a loading capacity of 2040 kg.
2 engines 3.9 hp
3 gears 2nd. planetary.
4 ratio 271: 1.
5 voltage 12V.
6 sealed combined relay 300A.
7 brake self-braking gearbox.
8 synthetic rope 6.5 mm x 15 m.
9 cable guide - sliding.
10 dimensions 350 x 115 x 120 mm.
11 drum dimensions 50 x 115 mm.
12 distance between fixing bolts 165 x 76 mm.
13 weight 9.3 kg +1.55 kg mounting plate.
-The use of position CZ0001 is recommended.

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Price: 195.00 €


Powerwinch PW3500 is great compromise between ATV and truck winches.
Providing efficient pulling power whenever and wherever you need it, the PW3500 winch features a high efficiency, low amp draw sealed permanent magnetic motor. This combined with the unit’s solenoid, which disconnects your winch’s electrical system from the battery when your vehicle is turned off, as well as circuit breaker protection ensures that users will always have all the power that they need without taking a toll on their ATV’s battery.

It was destined to raise the bar for the economic winch marketplace! Created from everything we have already learned over the past 13 years, the PowerWinch brings unmatched quality and value.

PowerWinch PW3500 is also available with synthetic rope (PW3500 SR).

Recommended use: quads, ATV, UTV.

Why Powerwinch?
3,2hp Motor
Ergonomic Free-Spooling clutch
Comfortable Hand Control
Roller Fairlead
Powers load in/out
Auto load holding brake
Heavy-Duty Steel Housing and Frame Components for Maximum Strength

With winch you get:
– Wire rope
– Hook
– Roller fairlead
– Control box
– Cables set
– Wire remote control
– Wireless remote control
– Mounting screws set
– Mounting plate
– User manual
– Warranty card

Specs Value
1 Rated line pull 1588 kg
2 Motor 3,2 HP
3 Gearing 2-st. planetary
4 Gear ratio 271:1
5 Voltage 12V
6 Solenoid 250A
7 Brake Automatic in the drum
8 Rope Wire 4,8 mm x 13 m
9 Fairlead Roller
10 Dimensions 310 x 115 x 120 mm
11 Drum dimensions 38 x 74 mm
12 Mounting bolt pattern 124 x 76 mm
13 Weight 9 kg

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Price: 175.00 €


Powerwinch PW2000E is the ideal choice for those who are looking for cost-effective solutions.
The PW2000E is the most budget winch in the Powerwincha palette. Despite the attractive price, the winch is characterized by high quality.
Power consumption does not exceed 120A at maximum load. Rope winding speed from 3.2 to 0.9 m / min.
The kit includes a winch with a steel cable PW2000E.
- roller guide
-strong, convenient remote control cable
- hook with belt
- cable kit
fastening screws
-user's manual
- traction force 906 kg
- engine power 1 hp
-type transmission planetary
-coefficient 153: 1
- voltage 12V
- relay 250A
-automatic drum brake
- steel cable 4 mm x 15 m
- dimensions 285 x 105 x 105 mm
dimensions of the drum 31.5 x 73 mm
- distance between fixing screws: 124 x 76 mm
- weight 6.6 kg
- power consumption 0 kg - 8 A, 906 kg - 120
- winding speed of 15 kg - 3.2 m / min, 906 kg - 0.9 m / min

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Price: 165.00 €


Powerwinch PW13000-12V - best-selling durable winch with a synthetic cable.
The well-known model, equipped with good seals and a strong box, a relay above the engine is reinforced, more hermetic and with better cable laying - you will not find it in competitive winches!
The winch is equipped with a 6.5 hp serial sealed engine, a very precise brush holder and a long rotor with the best torque. Advanced, modern technical solutions allow you to work effectively with a winch at power consumption not exceeding 390 A at full load!
Box with sealed relay 500A, standard installed on the engine. If you want to place it in another place - the transfer takes only a few minutes.
In addition, Powerwinch equipped its winch with a synthetic cable with a minimum breaking capacity of 10,300 kg, as standard with a tip and a strong hook and protection. A reliable brake is responsible for maintaining the load, and a robust three-stage planetary gear made entirely of reinforced steel will ensure many years smooth operation.

Powerwinch PW13000 is recommended for roadside assistance vehicles, off-road recreation and utility organizations.
- traction force 5907 kg
-6.5 hp engine
-type transmission planetary
-the ratio of 265: 1
- voltage of 12 V
relay 500A
-automatic brake drum
- 9.5 mm x 27 mm
- aluminum guide
- dimensions 546 mm x 160 mm x 218 mm
dimensions of the drum 64 mm x 226 mm
-distance between mounting screws 254 mm x 114.3 mm
- weight 40 kg
- power consumption 12 V 0 kg - 80 A, 5873 kg - 390 A,
- speed of 0 kg - 7.8 m / min, 5873 kg - 1.7 m / min
-The use of position CZ0001 is recommended.

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Price: 460.00 €

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