Farkop.lv provides the warranty for the goods in compliance with the warranty period and terms set by the manufacturer and stated in the User's Manual or the manufacturer's Warranty Certificate. The minimum warranty term for any item is 1 year and the maximum 3 years. Ask for exact warranty period of the item you are interested in from our managers.

The warranty of a product is attested by the Warranty Certificate issued at the moment of the delivery of the item. The warranty period is accounted for as from the date of issue of the Warranty Certificate until the expire of the term stated in the Certificate.

During the warranty period the faulty item is repaired or replaced with a new or analogous item.

No additional warranty period applies to the item that is replaced based upon the warranty, the current warranty period valid as from the date of issue of the Warranty Certificate continues until the expire of the period stated in the Certificate.

The warranty applies only to the internal technical faults of the item.

The warranty is not applicable to the following faults:
  • damages caused by foreign bodies, substances, liquids, insects inside the item,
  • damages caused by natural disasters, fire, everyday factors, incidental external factors (fast voltage fluctuations in the power grid, thunderstorm, etc.) and accidents,
  • damages caused by non-compliance of power supply, telecommunications and cable networks with the standards and other similar external factors,
  • damages caused by the use of non-standard and/or unacceptable quality consumables, spares, materials, accessories, various data carriers (including but not limited to CD's and floppy disks).
  • damages caused by the use of the item for the purposes it is not intended for, as well as under the physical, chemical, thermal loads exceeding the withstanding limits of the item set by the manufacturer.
The warranty is not applicable to the following:
  • consumables, the set of accessories, batteries, mechanical accessories (the paper holders of printers, mouse pads, etc.)
  • the installed software (the operating system, applications, files systems) and the user's data (documents, software, settings).

In case of any questions you are welcome to contact our managers by calling 66116670 or e-mailing info@mlserviss.lv